The Surgery or Procedure

How Long Will It Take?

The total length of stay varies with each child and depends in part on the type of procedure and the time it takes your child to recover. Your child’s surgery or procedure includes spending some time in the surgical holding and play area, which is where children wait before going into the Operating Room. Please do not schedule other appointments or activities for the day of surgery.

When it is time to go into the Operating Room, your child may become upset. Our staff is very experienced in comforting children during separation. To help make it easier:

  • Be honest with your child.
  • Let your child know where you will be waiting. Reassure your child that you will see him or her when the procedure is over.
  • Allow your child to express his or her feelings, even if he or she wants to cry.
  • If your child would be more comfortable, please make arrangements for your clergy to visit.

One parent/legal guardian must remain in the designated waiting area at all times during surgery. Your child’s surgeon may need to contact you.

The family liaison nurse can assist you with concerns and provide updates while your child is in the Operating Room.

Vending machines and coffee are available. We suggest that you have a snack before going to the Recovery Room.

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