Mermelstein Memorial Lecture

The Howard A. Mermelstein, MD, Memorial Lecture seeks to provide continuing medical education of direct use to pediatricians/pediatric specialists and instructors of pediatrics. This annual presentation by an invited lecturer is offered during the Pittsburgh Spring Summit program.

Past Lecturers 

  • 2012 Gary Fleisher, MD
  • 2011 Ellen R. Wald, MD
  • 2010 Catherine DeAngelis, MD
  • 2009 Flaura Koplin Winston, MD 
  • 2008 J. Carlton Gartner Jr., MD 
  • 2006 Paul Offitt, MD 
  • 2003 Ellis D. Avner, MD 
  • 2002 Michael A. Zasloff, MD, PhD 
  • 2001 J. Jeffrey Malatak, MD 
  • 2000 Nancy Snyderman, MD 
  • 1999 Ronald David, MD 
  • 1998 Robert William Blum, MD, PhD 
  • 1997 Lewis First, MD 
  • 1996 Walter W. Tunnessen, MD 
  • 1995 Bernard I. Michaels, MD 
  • 1994 Thomas K. Oliver, MD

If you would like to make a gift to this endowment to honor Dr. Mermelstein and support continuing medical education at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, please contact Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation at 412-692-3900 or 1-877-CHP-GIVE or make a gift online.