13th Annual Neonatal & Pediatric ECLS Educational Conference Features

Day 1

Overview of our program at UPMC Children’s

ECMO Specialist Training at CHP

Anticoagulation: Pick Your Guideline

ECMO Management per Patient Population

  • NICU
  • PICU
  • CICU

Chasing Platinum: What We’ve Learned on our Journey to Platinum Status

VV ECMO for the Pediatric Patient

Crescent RA Cannulation Simulation: A 3D Model

Patient and Family Support Before, During and After ECMO

ECMO and Ethics: 2ND Victims Syndrome– How to Protect the Providers

Let’s Get Physical: PT/OT for ECMO/MCS Patients

Day 2

Appreciating Your Multidisciplinary ECMO Team

In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest – Are you ready for ECPR?

Inclusion Criteria for ECMO for Out of Hospital Arrest – LR

ECMO ER Simulation

Panel Discussion: Getting Ready for ECMO in the ER


Indications for Plasmapheresis on ECMO

Tandem CRRT & Pheresis on ECMO

Circuit Tolerance: Medication Dosing for ECMO

ECHOs on ECMO: What the Function?

ECMO with a Side of Impella

Case Discussion: LE

Day 3

Is ECMO on the Menu?: Ordering ECMO for High Risk Procedures

ECMO for Trauma

Trauma and ECMO: Case Discussion

ECMO Follow Up


Fire Side Chats – Trouble Shooting on ECMO

  • CICU
  • NICU
  • PICU

If You Build it, They Will Come: Recruiting your ECMO Specialist Team