Cardiology Clinical Studies

Some of the many research opportunities available in Cardiology are listed below. Select a study to review a brief description and requirements. Parents or guardians of children who might be eligible are encouraged to inquire about enrollment. Contact information is listed at the end of each study.

Thank you for exploring these opportunities and helping us to find cures and prevent childhood disease.

Clinical Studies


Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinical Care Evaluation

Utilization and Perception of Care by Physician Extenders in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

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Cardiac Biomarkers Generated in Children and Adolescents when Exercising

Effect of Exercise on Serum Cardiac Biomarker Levels in Children and Adolescents

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Aortic Coarctation Treatment Comparison Study

Comparison between Surgical vs. Balloon Angioplasty vs. Intravascular Stent Placement for Recurrent or Native Coarctation of the Aorta

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Coping with Heart Disease – A Study of Adolescents and Adults

Coping Mechanisms, Gender Difference, and Cardiovascular Risk in Adolescents and Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

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Fontan Procedure Physiology

Do Serum Biochemical and Hematopoietic, or Stool Biomarkers Predict Low Cardiac Index in Patients with Fontan Physiology?

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Kawasaki Disease/COVID-19 Research Registry

The Association of Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19 with Cardiac Complications: A Focused Sub-study of the International Kawasaki Disease Registry (IKDR)

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Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure with MVP™ Plug: A Retrospective Review

Retrospective Review of PDA Closure with Medtronic MVP™ Micro Vascular Plug in Patients Weighing Less Than Two Kilograms

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Sexual Dysfunction and Congenital Heart Disease – Pilot Study

Female Sexual Dysfunction Among Adults with Complex Congenital Heart Disease

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Transplant EBV Disease Study

Transplant Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Disease – Pathogenesis and Immunotherapy

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