Roller Shoes Safety - Wearing a Helmet

Roller shoes are a type of sneaker that has a detachable or convertible wheel in the heel. The wearer can lean back and glide on the wheels as well as walk.

According to a study in Pediatrics, 67 children suffered broken wrists, broken bones in the arm, elbow dislocation, foot and ankle injuries, and broken leg bones in Dublin, Ireland, during the summer of 2006.

The study also found that children were most frequently injured falling backward or forward while they were shifting body weight and balancing on the wheels. Most of the injuries happened outside.

Researchers found that 20 percent of the injuries occurred the first time the child tried to use the roller shoes and 36 percent occurred while they were learning to use them.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure that when your children are wearing roller shoes, they wear protective gear, including:
    • Helmets
    • Knee and elbow pads
    • Wrist protectors
  • Supervise your children while they are wearing roller shoes, especially while they are learning to use the shoes.
  • Children should practice basic skills—like how to stop—before wearing the shoes in public.
  • Be sure your children use the shoes only on flat surfaces, not on rocky areas, over curbs or down hills.
  • Don’t let your children wear the shoes in crowded spaces or in traffic.