Digital Health

In the world today, technology transforms every part of our lives.

Smartphones are more like pocket-sized computers than phones. And virtual assistants can turn on the lights or change the temperature in our homes.

It's no different in health care.

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is a leader in health care technology. We use it in lots of ways — from saving your spot at Children's Express Care to monthly training webinars for doctors.

What Is Digital Health at UPMC Children's?

Our digital health team focuses on using technology to enhance communication, provide care, share knowledge, and fuel partnerships.

Ongoing digital health projects at UPMC Children's include:

  • Video visits that let you get the health care your child needs without leaving home.
  • Our "That's Pediatrics" podcast, where we explore new frontiers of care for children and teens.
  • Instructional webinars for doctors, nurses, and for kids and families.
  • Using telemedicine to diagnose, monitor, and treat children from a distance.
  • Teaching kids while they're in the hospital through the Dream Big Studio, our very own TV and radio station.
  • Emergency Department updates to your and your family's smartphones with EDAdvisor.

Contact Digital Health at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

For questions or more information about digital health, contact Mariel Garcia, senior director, Telemedicine, UPMC Children's at