Pediatric Heart Failure Recovery Program

Heart Failure Management in Children

Heart failure afflicts thousands of children each year — often undetected until it's so advanced that the child’s life is in danger. But when doctors diagnose pediatric heart failure early and treat it, children can recover and go on to lead normal lives.

The Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital is a leader in treating children with heart failure and cardiomyopathy — a rare heart disease.

Our Heart Failure and Recovery Program helps children and their families on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

The Children’s Difference in Heart Failure Care

When it comes to heart failure, Children’s is a pioneer in the use of mechanical circulatory support devices to:

  • Serve as a bridge to heart transplant heart transplant.
  • Allow the heart to rest and recover to avoid heart transplant in some cases.

We offer a full range of pediatric heart failure treatment options such as:

Along with Children’s groundbreaking heart disease and heart failure research, we're also researching ultra-small heart pumps designed expressly for pediatric cases.

An Expert Team in Childhood Heart Failure

Our dedicated team of cardiologists specializes in the latest techniques for managing heart failure in children and teens.

Others on the pediatric heart failure team at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh may include:

  • Cardiothoracic surgeons.
  • Heart transplant staff.
  • Cardiac nurses.
  • Genetic counselors — who can review family history and role of heredity, and help with heart failure assessments from pre-born to adult years.

Contact the Heart Failure and Recovery Program at Children's

Contact the Heart Failure Program at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh at 412-692-5540 for details on:

  • Consults and second opinions.
  • Referrals for heart failure care.
  • Hospital transfers of children in acute heart failure.



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