Fetal and Perinatal Cardiology Program at UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh

If you're pregnant and your baby has heart issues, our fetal and perinatal heart experts can assess, manage, and treat:

  • Heart rate problems.
  • Heart rhythm issues.
  • Heart disorders that might arise from obstetric care.

This program, started in 1988, is led by interim director Jacqueline Weinberg, MD.

Fetal Echocardiography (Echo) Services

Diagnostic fetal echo testing

Our experts can do an ultrasound on your baby after 16 weeks of gestation.

This test helps your doctor assess abnormal heart anatomy and function.

Managing and treating fetal heart disease

If we find a problem, we can start treatment even before you give birth.

We help you plan for your child's birth to allow for the smoothest shift from womb to world.

Counseling for parents and families

If we find any fetal problems beyond the heart, you can schedule a consult with UPMC's Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center.

We can also refer you to experts in many other fields such as:

  • Brain, spine, and nerve surgery
  • Genetics
  • High-risk OB
  • Newborn health
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound
  • Urology

Perinatal Heart Care Referral Requirements

We require referrals from your doctor or a UPMC Children's Hospital specialist. If you have a managed care plan, you also may need consent from your insurance.

We must receive all needed forms before your visit.

Call the Perinatal Cardiology Program at 412-641-4547 or email us at PerinatalCardiology@upmc.edu

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