Healthy Habits

All of us should try to develop healthy habits. When a child has a heart problem, a healthy lifestyle is even more important. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, helps maintain ideal weight and lowers cholesterol.

There is research to show that alcohol, cigarettes and street drugs are harmful for everyone. They cause side effects such as increased blood pressure, a faster heart rate, blood infections and brain damage. With a heart problem, the risk of experiencing side effects from using these substances is even higher.

Reminders about healthy habits can work like a traffic light.


  • Regular exercise, as prescribed by the cardiologist, at least three times a week
  • Well-balanced, low-fat diet that maintains ideal weight


  • After 21 years of age, careful use of alcoholic beverages (alcohol may be habit-forming; try substituting other favorite beverages)
  • Any unprescribed medication


  • No smoking
  • No street drugs