Family Support: Family Guide to Pediatric Cardiology

At the Heart Institute at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, we're not only here to treat your child's heart problem. We're here to help and support all members of the family.

Our Family Guide to Pediatric Cardiology offers resources to help you and your loved ones talk about and cope with your child's heart disease.

Family Support at the Heart Institute

Coping with Your Child's Heart Disease

Tools for helping you, your child, and family members learn about and cope with heart disease:

  • Family Developmental Charts — use these charts to help you make sense of the feelings about your loved one's heart disease.
  • Family Responses to Heart Disease — learn ways you and your family members can help each other deal with the impact of your child's heart problem.
  • Parenting Pitfalls — find ideas for helping your child with heart disease grow and become independent.
  • When a Child Dies — learn how our staff at the Heart Institute can help bereaved families after losing a loved one to heart disease.

Talking About Your Child's Heart Problem

Tips for talking to others about your child's heart condition:

Support and Outreach

Resources for supporting the families of our Heart Institute patients: