Interventional Radiology

Children’s Hospital is regarded as one of the first pediatric hospitals in the world to offer interventional radiology services.

Prior to any interventional procedure, a detailed discussion with the interventionalist is recommended. The department welcomes consults and is available to discuss cases over the telephone or within the department.

Our interventional radiologists perform minimally invasive procedures with needles and catheters rather than scalpels, using the latest real-time imaging technologies to guide them. For a growing number of patients, interventional radiology is an option to open surgery. It requires no large incisions, exposes patients to fewer risks and less pain, and allows for a speedier recovery.

Children’s interventional radiology services include a broad range of advanced procedures using all available imaging modalities, a full clinical service to better support patients and families, and ongoing research to improve outcomes and develop new procedures.

Interventional radiologists are experienced in a wide range of common and complex procedures — from central venous access procedures and placement of ports, to inserting filters into the central veins of children with deep vein clots and repairing complex pelvic fractures without large incisions or having to expose a child with extensive tissue injury to higher risks of infection.

Interventional radiology at Children’s has grown to a clinical service with the facilities, advanced technologies, faculty and staff, and other support that allows management of patient care every step of the way from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and recovery. The team is supported, whenever necessary, by the expertise of many specialists at Children’s, including experienced pediatric anesthesiologists.