Facilities & Utilizing Our Resources

The Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Center (PCTRC) operates inpatient and outpatient facilities as well as a collection and processing laboratory. Learn more below about how you can utilize these facilities and our resources.


Inpatient Facilities 

Current PCTRC resources include a 4-bed inpatient facility which is located on a combined unit housing metabolic/PCTRC and adolescent pediatric ward. The PCTRC is given priority for scheduling up to 4 research beds for inpatient protocols on this unit.

Outpatient Facilities 

The PCTRC outpatient unit consists of a 2,268 square foot patient care unit located at CHP. The unit includes everything needed to undertake and support the research studies being conducted on the unit. 

The unit has a patient waiting room, a dedicated phlebotomy space and four outpatient exam rooms with a private patient restroom.

Collection and Processing Laboratory 

The PCTRC houses a specimen processing laboratory equipped with an Eppendorf refrigerated centrifuge and microfuge as well as an ambient centrifuge, a YSI 2300 STAT PLUS Glucose & L-Lactate Analyzer and a Precision Circulating Water-Bath-ideal for applications were temperature uniformity and control are critical, such as enzymes and serology. 

Also available in the lab is a (-80) Specimen Freezer and a sample storage refrigerator. 

The PCTRC unit also has a utility room for medication dispensing; including a medication refrigerator. There is an equipment storage room, administrative offices, and PCTRC nursing offices. All are adjacent to each other markedly enhancing efficiency and smooth functioning of the PCTRC unit. 

How to Utilize the Resources of the PCTRC

Who Can Use the PCTRC?

  • All funded studies, both pediatric and other departments are encouraged to utilize the resources of the PCTRC. Studies funded by Federal, state, and local agencies as well as by the private sector are welcome.
  • A physician must be associated with the study — either as principal investigator or co-investigator and is considered ultimately responsible for all patient care relating to the research protocol. 

Available Resources

  • The PCTRC offers Specialized Nursing Services:
    • Support inpatient research studies in hospitalized children
    • chemo certified
    • Anthropometric measurements
    • Cerner research order set development
    • Accurate protocol implementation
    • Intradermal skin testing
    • IV placement and Mediport access, Medication administration
    • Observational studies
    • Patient/family education
    • Serial PK-Pharmacokinetic & PD-Pharmacodynamic Sampling
    • Serial Blood Pressure monitoring
    • Specimen collection, processing and shipping (IATA certified)
    • Medication Administration
    • Tolerance testing
    • EKGs

Approval Process and Funding

  • To begin the process, the study team should contact the PCTRC to set up a budget meeting to discuss the resources needed to conduct your study. You will be provided with a budget to use in your study submission or contract negotiations. You should send an email to:

During the budget meeting you will be provided with guidance on the remaining steps of the process.