Adolescent and Young Medicine department's CHANGE initiative.Children’s Hospital’s Advisory Network for Guidance and Empowerment (CHANGE) is a youth-led and youth-driven initiative that advises youth, families, and professionals about the transition process.

CHANGE works to support interdependence and success for individuals who have faced, currently face, or will face transitional barriers in health care.

CHANGE supports youth (up to age 26) as they:
  • Claim their voice to grow as advocates
  • Find support as they transition from adolescent healthcare to adult medicine
  • Host educational events for other young people and their support systems
  • Encourage medical providers to embrace and incorporate youth development, advocacy, and empowerment in their practices
  • Positively affect the policies, procedures, and processes at Children’s Hospital to better serve the needs of adolescents and young adults
  • Be empowered to make important and educated decisions in healthcare and other aspects of life

Can youth make a difference?

Absolutely! It is important that young adults get involved with issues in our society because change takes time, energy, and commitment. CHANGE needs the perspectives, experiences, and voices of all types of youth so we can help our diverse community grow. Experiences only get better when we take educated action and serve as leaders. CHANGE is all about leadership, education, action, and progress.

How to get involved: 

  • Attend a youth event to learn about self-advocacy, healthcare, and transition
  • Become an adult ally
  • Join the advisory network and start sharing your story

To learn more, please email Christine Anderson at