Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine In the News

View current news clips below featuring the patients, programs, and staff of UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine.


Young LGBTQ people grapple with state legislation, Supreme Court decision
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/17/22)


When Social Media Is Really Problematic for Adolescents
New York Times (6/3/2019)

Doctors describe treatment options for adolescent depression
Reuters (2/1/2019)


Sex Trafficking: The alarmingly fast-growing crime trend has landed in Allegheny County
WTAE-TV (7/25/2018)

The Way Teens Envision The Future Can Also Influence Rates Of Youth Violence
WLRN Radio (7/19/2018)

How a positive outlook on the future may protect teens from violence
The Conversation (7/17/2018) 

Regular screening can find teen depression, but getting treatment isn’t easy
Washington Post (3/30/2018)


Lure of tuition aid, gifts draw college students to 'sugar daddy' sites
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1/24/2015)


What parents need to know about teenagers' mental health issues
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (12/9/2014)

Program educates athletes about sexual assault
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (7/22/2014)

To Keep Teenagers Alert, Schools Let Them Sleep In
N.Y. Times Well Blog, (3/13/2014)


Reproductive Coercion: When Men Sabotage Birth Control
New York Magazine, (5/2013)

Thigh gap’ trend for some young women worries culture watchers
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (5/10/2013)

30 Percent of U.S. Teen Girls Meet Up With Online Strangers
U.S. News & World Report, (1/14/2013)


Teenagers and the Morning-After Pill
The New York Times, (12/3/2012)

Bullying, abuse linked to suicidal thoughts in kids
CNN, (10/23/2012) 

Depression Rates Rise for Girls During Teen Years
U.S. News/HealthDay, (8/1/2012)

In the age of internet porn, teaching boys to be good men
Toronto Globe and Mail, (4/21/2012)

Can young men’s athletic coaches help stem dating violence?
The Washington Post "The Checkup" blog, (3/26/2012)

Pressure to excel can create too much tension for teens
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (3/1/2012)

AHS Pilot Program Tackles Teen Dating Abuse
Alameda Patch, (2/20/2012)

Having "The Talk" With Your Kids
Huffington Post , (2/8/2012)

Pediatricians recommend HPV vaccine for boys
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (2/1/2012)


Exercise Ups Kids' Quit-Smoking Success Rate
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday), (9/19/2011)

Candidate's comments about HPV vaccine worry doctors
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (9/16/2011)

HPV Vaccine Enters Political Debate
KDKA-TV, (9/16/2011)

HPV Vaccine Gains Popularity Among Boys
KDKA-TV, (9/1/2011)

July Issue: Parenting through Puberty
Pittsburgh Parent Magazine (7/2011)

Parents Find Media Rating Systems Lacking
U.S. News & World Report (Healthday), (6/21/2011)