Empowering Teens to Thrive (ET3)

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Hospital-based Violence Intervention for Teens

Our new "That's Pediatrics" podcast episode discusses how the ET3 program empowers patients who have experienced traumatic events.

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After going through a violent event, it's normal for youth to feel anxious, alone, angry, or sad. It's also common to replay the event and have trouble sleeping, focusing, or doing daily tasks.

Some teens may start to feel better in a week or two. But for others, symptoms can last longer and get in the way of their daily activities.

The Empowering Teens to Thrive (ET3) program at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is for youth who have suffered violence. We're here to help you get back to feeling healthy and happy.

Contact ET3 at UPMC Children's Hospital at 412-692-6269. Ask for the ET3 program or the violence prevention social worker.

What Is ET3?

The ET3 program partners with the Violence Prevention Initiative at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health to:

  • Support teens who come to UPMC Children's Hospital after violent injuries.
  • Provide education and mental health services.
  • Link youth and families to support in their own neighborhoods.

Our vision is a world where all youth are healthy, safe, and thriving.

How Can ET3 Help?

ET3 provides services to youth after violent injury to promote healing and prevent re-injury.

Services we provide include:

  • Medical follow-up.
  • Victim's assistance.
  • Emotional support for traumatic stress.
  • Brief trauma-focused counseling.

We also connect youth and families with community-based services including:

  • School support.
  • Legal advocacy.
  • Food and housing resources.

ET3 Mentoring Program

The ET3 program's team of skilled mentors provides:

  • One-on-one mentoring to teens injured or impacted by violence.
  • Community-based, healing-centered mentorship for young people and their families.

We work closely with our mentees to help them achieve their personal goals.

Our Youth Violence Prevention Experts

  • Sarah London, LSW, Lead Violence Prevention Specialist.
  • Alison Culyba, MD, PhD, MPH, Program Director.
  • Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD, Chief of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine.

Contact ET3

Call the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at UPMC Children's at 412-692-6269.

Ask for the ET3 program or the violence prevention social worker.

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