Gender and Sexual Development Program Resources

These community resources and helpful links are publicly available.

Introduction and Key Concepts

  • Basic Definitions (PDF): Important definitions regarding Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE).
  • Gender Unicorn (PDF): A helpful image that shows the differences between gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, physical, and emotional attraction. Some find it helpful to chart where they are on each of these spectrums to illustrate their gender and sexual identity.
  • Transgender 101 for Parents and Guardians (PDF): Information created in collaboration with parents of transgender youth that includes definitions and parent testimonials.
  • Transgender 201 (PDF): Answers to frequently asked questions about transgender people, created by a parent of a transgender child.

Parent Support

  • Parent Outreach Program (PDF): Talk with parents of transgender children about questions and concerns with raising a transgender child. These parents also offer in-person group meetings. Please inquire via the phone number listed on the document.
  • PFLAG Pittsburgh: a non-profit organization that holds meetings for parents of LGBTQIA youth. See website for more information.

Social Transition

Medical Transition

Advocacy and Allyship

Additional Resources

  • LGBTQ+: View resources for LGBTQ+ patients and caregivers at UPMC.