Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Diagnostic Services

When dealing with patients’ and families’ behavioral and emotional health in the context of physical illness, our experts rely on long experience and specialized training in working with children with behavioral needs. Treatment is guided by up-to-date evidence-based behavioral neuroscience and the fast-growing field of pediatric psychosomatic medicine. Our experts and their partners can recommend the most appropriate intervention based on each child’s needs and circumstance. Interventions are a collaborative endeavor of the behavioral health team along with the child, his or her family and caregivers, the primary medical team, and involved multidisciplinary support staff. Family-focused care is a key component of our mission.

Behavioral Health Treatment Services

The Brain Care Institute’s Pediatric Behavioral Health Service delivers an array of specialists in a variety of programs to provide diagnostic and empirically supported interventions for youth and families’ treatments through all levels of care: