SurvivorConnect: Cancer Survivor Network Program at Children's

What is SurvivorConnectTM?

SurvivorConnectTM is a program, supported through philanthropy. Started by a grant from the Hyundai Hope On Wheels Foundation in 2011, it has continued through the generous support of the Mario Lemieux Foundation. We are grateful to these organizations and our other donors who support us and help to raise awareness about childhood cancer survivorship.

SurvivorConnectTM enables us to "connect" survivors with the Survivorship Clinic team. SurvivorConnectTM uses web technology, email, social media, and written communication to improve and make more accessible critical resource material and follow up information to young adult survivors of pedicatric cancer. 

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Virtual Survivor Wall

If you are a Survivor and wish to submit something to put on this page, please email us at We would love to hear from you!

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SurvivorConnection newsletter


is published quarterly to provide survivors and their families with useful news and information about late effects of cancer treatment, wellness initiatives, scholarship information specific to cancer patients, and more!

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