Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy (CEAT): A Masterpiece of Hope

A hospital stay can often be challenging and scary for children and their loved ones.

Sometimes, there are no words to describe the feelings that go with being in the hospital. Making art and music offers an outlet to communicate when there are no words.

The Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy (CEAT) program at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh provides this creative outlet during your child's stay.

Our team works with children to tell their story through music and art, making a masterpiece of hope.

How Can Our CEAT Program Help Your Child?

Our therapists use art and music to meet the physical, mental, emotional, social, and medical needs of children.

Our creative arts therapists offer individual, group, and family-based services to enhance your child's hospital stay.

Tailored treatments through art and music

We design a tailored approach to traditional medical treatment using classic counseling techniques through art and music to help your child:

  • Heal and feel hope and comfort during his or her hospital stay.
  • Deal with pain, trauma, and anxiety.
  • Gain coping skills, confidence, and self-esteem.

Art- and music-making during your child's stay

Making art and music can help your child and family:

  • Explore and process feelings around treatment, diagnosis, and the hospital experience.
  • Cope with grief and loss.
  • Bond, build a legacy, and make lasting memories.

Where Do You Offer Art and Music Therapy in the Hospital?

You can find the CEAT program in all areas of the hospital including:

  • Inpatient floors
  • Intensive care units (NICU and PICU)

Supporting the CEAT program

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation has embarked on a campaign to support the CEAT program.

The Masterpiece of Hope Campaign will seek resources to:

  • Build a place of hope.
  • Support the people who inspire.
  • Provide the tools for expression.

Learn more about this campaign to support art and music therapy at UPMC Children's Hospital.