Chronic Ear Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children who have complex ear problems from birth or acquired later can find the care they need at the Chronic Ear Clinic.

Our skilled care team offers:

  • Special assessments and tests to diagnose your child's ear problem.
  • Check-ups and ongoing management and your child's disorder.
  • Advanced treatments for complex ear conditions, including hearing aids and surgeries.

Contact The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at UPMC Children's

  • Call 412-692-5460 to make an appointment.

We offer a child-friendly approach that aims to reduce your child's discomfort and fear. We also support you and your family with detailed answers and advice about your child's ear issues.

At UPMC Children's Hospital, we offer 3 ear clinics to provide children with complete care:

  • The Chronic Ear Clinic, for kids with mild ear defects and middle ear disease or non-permanent hearing loss from long-term infections.
  • The Hearing Center, for children with permanent hearing loss and dizziness.
  • The Congenital Ear Center, for kids with severe ear deformities.
  • About UPMC Children's Chronic Ear Clinic

Many kids have complex ear issues that some doctors can't precisely diagnose or treat. They need specialized care.

Our Ear Clinic offers one-stop exams, testing, and treatment for children with complex ear conditions.

We strive to provide convenient, same-day services since many people travel an hour or more to see us.

Ear Clinic Services

In most cases, we offer services that you won't find at your child's PCP's office or local hospital.

We provide your child with:

  • Complete middle ear assessments and care.
  • Advanced middle ear treatments and surgeries, including ear tube placement and ear drum repair.
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids, when fitted hearing aids don't work due to chronic infections or ear deformities.
  • Plastic surgery to repair mild ear defects.

Why Choose UPMC Children's for Ear Care?

Our Chronic Ear Clinic doctors and staff:

  • Offer care in a child- and family-friendly setting.
  • Work solely with children.
  • Take a gentle and warm approach, paying special attention to the unique needs of kids.
  • Spend time at visit to teach you and your child about their ear condition and explain tests and treatments we offer.
  • Offer same-day hearing tests to help your child's long-term outcome.

Insurances the Ear Clinic at UPMC Children's Accepts

We serve children from not only Pennsylvania but also nearby states.

As a major regional hospital, UPMC Children's accepts most health plans. Our staff may ask for details about your insurance plan to make sure they cover our services.