Hearing Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

About 0.5% of children have mild to severe hearing loss. This can affect how they learn, relate to others, and experience the world around them.

At the Hearing Center at UPMC Children's Hospital, we provide complete assessments and treatment for hearing loss.

Our experts work together to diagnose hearing loss early and find out the reason for it.

We offer ongoing and complete care, including:

  • Hearing aids
  • Cochlear implants
  • Non-medical treatments

Contact the Congenital Ear Center at UPMC Children's

To make your child's appointment, call the CEC at 412-692-5460.

Who Can We Help at the Children's Hearing Center?

Children with hearing loss and dizziness often struggle to convey their hearing problems and get a proper diagnosis.

We use inventive, child-friendly techniques to diagnose:

  • Conductive hearing loss.
  • Sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Mixed hearing loss.
  • Vertigo.

We also arrange care with other specialists for children with complex or undiagnosed conditions.

Our Hearing Center team knows that many hearing problems also affect other aspects of health.

Children's Hearing Center Services

We offer a wide range of tests, treatments, and tools to assess your child's needs and help them meet their full potential.

Our services include:

  • Complete hearing assessments.
  • Genetic testing.
  • Diagnostic imaging.
  • Joint care with other experts, including eye and neurology specialists.
  • Cochlear implants.
  • In-ear, behind-the-ear, and bone-anchored hearing aids.
  • Assisted listening devices.
  • Ongoing check-ups and care.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Biofeedback sessions.
  • Learning supports and advocacy.

Why Choose UPMC for Your Child's Hearing Loss?

The Hearing Center at UPMC Children's:

  • Has a caring team, all of whom have dedicated their careers to treating children. They take the time to get to know your child's unique needs and share details with you.
  • Arranges appointments with other experts so your child can see all specialists in one visit. This reduces missed school days for kids and missed workdays for parents.
  • Is one of a few hearing centers to offer an on-site education liaison. The liaison supports families of children with hearing loss. Key duties include counseling you on learning options, explaining early intervention and education laws, and supporting you in creating IFSP and IEPs.

Health Insurance We Accept

As a regional referral center, UPMC Children's Hospital accepts a wide range of insurance providers.

We're happy to help you get your health plan's approval ahead of your appointment, to make sure they will cover our services.

Referral Requirements

Although your health insurance may not require a specialist referral, a referral order from a provider referring your child to the Hearing Center is required.

We receive referrals from across Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Before scheduling, verify with your insurer and referring provider whether your plan is in-network.

Prior authorization may be required from your health insurance depending on your health plan's network and the care your child needs. Please ensure all referrals and prior authorizations are secured prior to your visit. This will ensure the services we provide will be covered by your health insurance.