Congenital Ear Center (CEC) at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children with major ear malformations, like microtia, often have hearing loss from birth.

At the CEC, we fully assess children's hearing and tailor treatment to each child's hearing loss. We also care for kids with more minor ear defects.

Our team sees newborns all the way to 21-year-olds. When your child is old enough, we offer testing to predict surgical outcomes.

And we explain all treatment options in detail to help guide you in your decision.

Contact the Congenital Ear Center at UPMC Children's

To make your child's appointment, call the CEC at 412-692-5460.

Children's Congenital Ear Center Services

Our goal is to provide all the ear and hearing care your child needs in one place. We also test for health conditions linked to congenital ear problems.

Services we offer at the CEC include:

  • Complete hearing assessments.
  • Genetic testing, imaging, and lab tests.
  • Advanced hearing technologies.
  • Fitting and routine care of bone-conduction hearing aids.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Surgical counseling and assessments.
  • Cutting-edge surgical reconstruction for major ear abnormalities and closed or narrow ear canals.
  • Plastic surgery for minor ear deformities.

Why Choose UPMC for Your Child's Ear Care?

The CEC at UPMC Children's Hospital is a center of excellence. This means we treat complex ear problems while meeting rigorous quality, safety, and patient care standards.

Our surgeons are experts in ear and ear canal reconstruction. Children and their families travel many hours to access the unique skillsets of our surgical team.

Our director, Noel Jabbour, MD, has a fellowship in microtia reconstruction and teaches the surgery to doctors from across the country. He also researches the latest reconstruction options to bring your child the safest, most effective treatments.

Our care team knows the unique developmental needs of children and takes a gentle and caring approach in all we do. We take time to answer all your questions and make sure you're confident in your child's treatment plan.

Health Insurance We Accept

Most health plans cover our service.

Call the CEC at 412-692-5460 so we can help you confirm that your insurance will pay for the care your child needs.

Referral Requirements

Although your health insurance may not require a specialist referral, a referral order from a provider referring your child to the Congenital Ear Center is required.

We receive referrals from across Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Before scheduling, verify with your insurer and referring provider whether your plan is in-network.

Prior authorization may be required from your health insurance depending on your health plan's network and the care your child needs. Please ensure all referrals and prior authorizations are secured prior to your visit. This will ensure the services we provide will be covered by your health insurance.

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