Rhinology Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children can have nasal and sinus issues that are hard for PCPs to diagnose and treat. These issues can impair breathing and cause speech and swallowing problems.

Symptoms can include:

  • Noisy breathing
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sleep issues
  • Excess mucus
  • Sneezing

These rhinology (nose and sinus) conditions can affect a child's quality of life, and their learning and development.

Contact The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at UPMC Children's

  • Call 412-692-5460 to make an appointment.

About Our Rhinology Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital

Whether your child has a common issue or a rare condition, we can help.

We see kids who:

  • Have chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis that haven't responded to treatment.
  • Are born with nose or sinus conditions.
  • Have sinonasal tumors.
  • Have complex nose or sinus structure issues.

People travel to access our experts, testing equipment, and advanced surgeries. We see children not only from Pa., but also Ohio, W. Va., N.Y., and Md.

Tests to Diagnose Your Child's Nose and Sinus Condition

At the Rhinology Clinic at UPMC Children's, we:

  • Use nasal endoscopy and allergy skin tests to diagnose conditions of the nose and sinuses.
  • Arrange and review MRI and CT scans, if needed.
  • Can do multiple tests on the same day, even on the 1st visit.

Our staff will help your child feel relaxed throughout the diagnostic process.

We can often give you your child's results on the same day of testing and answer any questions.

Nose and Sinus Treatments at UPMC Children's

Treatments we offer for nasal and sinus conditions include:

  • Medicine
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Surgery

We take the time to explain all of your child's treatment options to you.

Our team works with families to create thorough and effective treatment plans.

And we follow up with you and your child to make sure their condition has improved or resolved.

Why Choose UPMC Children's Hospital for Nose and Sinus Care?

Our Rhinology Clinic:

  • Offers complete and advanced care in one place to hundreds of kids each year.
  • Can do many tests and treatments in the same visit to make the process more convenient and treat your child's symptoms quickly.
  • Makes sure you have the guidance you need to confidently manage your child's nose or sinus condition at home.

At UPMC Children's, we take great efforts to ensure our testing and treatments are safe and effective for children of all ages.

Make an Appointment at the Rhinology Clinic

Many of our patients visit us after their doctors refer them to us. You can also make an appointment directly with the Rhinology Clinic.

If you're new to UPMC Children's Hospital, we will need details of your insurance plan. We do this to ensure your plan covers our services.

To make an appointment with the Rhinology Clinic directly, either:

Referral Requirements

Although your health insurance may not require a specialist referral, a referral order from a provider referring your child to the Rhinology Clinic is required.

We receive referrals from across Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. Before scheduling, verify with your insurer and referring provider whether your plan is in-network.

Prior authorization may be required from your health insurance depending on your health plan's network and the care your child needs. Please ensure all referrals and prior authorizations are secured prior to your visit. This will ensure the services we provide will be covered by your health insurance.