Conditions We Treat at the Interventional Cardiology Program

Cardiac catheterization — or “heart cath” for short — helps doctors diagnose and treat a range of heart and vascular defects.

Interventional heart cath procedures have become a first-line treatment for many inherited and acquired heart conditions.

They can also help:

  • Save the lives of critically ill children and adults.
  • Delay or avoid the need for surgery.
  • Prevent heart failure.

The Heart Cath Lab at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh cares for people throughout the lifespan — from fetus to adult.

Refer a Patient to the Interventional Cardiology Program at UPMC Children's

To refer a patient, doctors can:

Heart Conditions We Treat in the Cath Lab

An interventional heart cath is a minimally invasive treatment for heart conditions.

During the procedure, your doctor will use special devices to:

  • Open or close holes in the heart.
  • Widen narrowed vessels of valves.
  • Close abnormal or extra blood vessels.
  • Replace poorly functioning heart valves.

Common conditions we treat at the Interventional Cardiology program include: