For Communities

Why is it important for community partners and academics to engage in research together?

Mom with boyCommunity and academic partnerships strengthen research. When researchers actively involve community partners, studies are more meaningful and relevant.

Community members and organizations are experts in their community. They have valuable insights about people and the contexts in which they live. These insights help improve research by guiding researchers on what questions to ask, how to ask them, how to involve community members in studies, and how to share what they learn from the research. Academic researchers can learn a lot from community members.

Effective partnerships should include representation from multiple sectors of the community, including local businesses, schools, government, faith based organizations, health care professionals and academics. Together, the community and academic members can improve the design, conduct, and dissemination of research. This type of collaboration leads to more bi-directional and long-lasting relationships between the community and academia. These partnerships can improve the relevance, ethical practice, and public receptiveness to research. Ultimately, partnerships enhance the potential to advance science and to improve the health of the community.