For Communities

Why is research important? Why it is so important for you to be involved?

Research is important because it provides a scientific approach to testing and learning what tools, interventions, and treatments work best. It provides new knowledge and understanding to help improve health and well-being. For research to provide reliable and effective information about health and well-being, participants need to get involved in studies. Having a diverse representation of participants from all backgrounds and ages can help ensure the research being tested is relevant to many populations.

How can you help? Join a research study today!

Learn more about research happening and your local university, medical or research center, and if interested, contact them.


Sign up for a research registry to learn more about studies happening in your community.


Join a Community Advisory Board to help researchers do research with and for communities.

Example: University of Pittsburgh Center for Health Equity Community Research Advisory Board

Let your friends and family know about research you have heard about or been involved in!