For Teens and Young Adults

TeensWe need adolescents and young adults like you to help doctors and nurses provide the best care they can.

Doctors and nurses use what they learn from research studies to take care of patients, but most of this research has been done with adults. We can’t know for sure if what we learn about medical care from research with adults is the best medical care for adolescents and young adults.

We know that your bodies are different than older adults and your health needs are different too! We need you to help us learn about what the best medical treatments are for teens and young adults. Researchers need to learn from you!

You Can Make a Difference

If you participate in a research study, you could:

  • Learn more about your own health and healthcare
  • Improve medical care for all young people
  • Improve care for others who have the same health condition or lifestyle as you
  • Feel good about doing something good for others!

If there is a Youth Research Advisory Board near you, you could join and:

  • Lend your voice to current research
  • Join a diverse group of open minded leaders
  • Participate in the decision making process
  • Network within the research community

Teens and young adults tell us that being involved in a research study can be fun and you can learn a lot!

Learn about Youth Research Advisory Board at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.