Event Reporting

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has worked hard to foster a culture of safety. We acknowledge that risk is everywhere and the responsibility for reducing risk is shared by all. We also know that the margin for error in the care of children is that much smaller.

How does Children’s Hospital handle event reporting?

  1. Using an electronic patient record, our team members report any risks, potential adverse events, or errors in real time.
  2. These reports are monitored daily and reviewed for level of seriousness and complexity by a team of patient safety specialists.
  3. The specialists gather detailed information, visualize and monitor house-wide trends, and provide feedback to educate and support our team.
  4. If the risks might be serious, team members further analyze the issue and discuss potential improvements to our care process.
  5. If there is an opportunity to improve our care, we move quickly to determine and implement best practices