Keeping Your Child Safe at Children's

You make a difference in your child's care!

Print a full list of how to keep your child safe at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Check your child’s ID band.

  • Is the information correct?
  • Do caregivers look at the ID band and ask your child’s name and birth date before giving medicine, tests and treatments?

Verify your child’s weight was done in kilograms.

  • Medicines for children are based on weight in kilograms.

Prevent infections.

  • Wash your hands and those of your child.
  • Remind caregivers to wash their hands.
  • Insist visitors only visit when they are well.

Know your child’s medications.

  • Keep a list of his or her medicines.
  • Know your child’s medicines (how they look, the names, how given, the amount, etc.).
  • Tell caregivers about any known medication allergies and/or reactions.
  • Show caregivers the medicines your child is taking.

Be actively involved in his or her care.

  • Share information with your child’s medical team.
  • Write down questions or information shared.
  • Ask caregivers to clarify confusing details.
  • Ask for an interpreter who speaks your language.