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The philosophy of professional nursing practice at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is designed to support the delivery of quality, family-centered health care to all our patients and families. As professionals, nurses have significant influence over their practice and environment in which they work. Children’s Hospital believes that the autonomy and self-direction that influences nursing practice must be balanced by responsibility and accountability. All nurses within the hospital share the responsibility for establishing a climate that enables professional practice to occur.

At Children’s Hospital, the professional nursing staff plays a key role in the hospital’s mission. Nurse/physician collaboration is essential in planning and implementing care for patients’ and families’ health care needs.

UPMC Children's Nursing Outcomes Report (2019-2020)

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Our Nursing Code of Ethics and Standards of Care

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh explicates the ethical conduct and practices of our nurses using our P.R.I.D.E. values. The nurses of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh provide patient and family centered care and therefore put Patients and Families First. The core of patient and family centered care is to guarantee opportunity for information sharing, collaboration, quality care, patient safety, and empathy for the fundamental human needs during hospitalization.

It is our Responsibility to value corporate and individual integrity, do the right thing and ensure fiscal accountability. All nurses at Children’s Hospital are held to standards that are in accordance with the American Nurse Association (ANA) Code of Ethics. The ANA code of Ethics provides a professional guide to nurses of all disciplines and degrees nationally. The Code of Ethics encompasses values that all nurses should practice with good intent, confidentiality, and to continue to seek new knowledge to improve oneself and one’s practice (ANA Code of Ethic, 2008, p.xi).

The nursing division, as front line caregivers must practice using Innovation and innovative ideas. The nurses of Children’s Hospital are adaptable to change and develop policies and plan of patient care based on evidence based best practice.

Dignity and Respect is the guiding vitality of our organization. All employees of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh are expected to conduct their interactions with others with dignity and respect. The UPMC Center for Inclusion values courteous and kind manners, a culture that embraces differences, compassion, empathy, collaborative culture, and accepting the ideas and opinions of others 

Nursing standards of care

Nursing is recognized as one of the most respected professions. The nurse’s of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh are held to a standard of Excellence. The nurses strive to exceed personal bests and expectations while furthering diversity. Above all, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh nurse practices with benevolence and an ethically sound standard of practice.

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