The Comfort Ability

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, through a partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, is offering a supportive and interactive program. It is designed to help children with chronic or recurrent pain and their caregivers learn how to better manage pain and improve day-to-day function. The Comfort Ability Program teaches how pain functions in the body and introduces evidence-based psychological tools for improved pain management.

This virtual workshop is designed to engage, educate, support, and empower children aged 10 and up who experience chronic or recurrent pain. It provides the opportunity to learn strategies and develop individualized plans for managing pain and pain-related stress. Additionally, children can connect with peers who also have pain.

Caregivers will also learn strategies that promote child comfort. You will learn how to support a child’s improved function at home and school, and where to find resources for additional pain management support.

For more information about The Comfort Ability Program at UPMC Children’s, email