Fragile X Center

The Fragile X Center provides evaluations, treatment and support for children with Fragile X and their families. Our clinic also offers additional consultative services for all age groups.

Staffed by a multidisciplinary team, we strive to improve functional outcomes and quality of life for children with Fragile X Syndrome and their families through service and research. We work together with hospital and community specialists to provide resources for your child and family. We also strive to enhance community knowledge and awareness of Fragile X Syndrome.

Specialists from the Fragile X Center provide:

  • Comprehensive developmental and behavioral assessment
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Research information
  • Resource information
  • Training, education, and support
  • Continuity of care
  • School Intervention Program
  • Consultative services for all age groups  

Referral Requirements

Referrals are required from primary care physicians or other UPMC Children's Hospital specialty services. To schedule an appointment or for provider numbers or more information, please call the office number listed.

Intake for initial appointment and scheduling a follow up appointment: 412-692-5561

Other questions following your appointment:

  • Appointment related questions, call Sandy at 412-692-5561
  • Billing or insurance related questions, call Ellen, 412-692-7089
  • For prescription refills, 412-692-5560, option 3
  • Questions for the nurse, 412-692-5560, option 4
  • Billing or insurance questions, 412-692-5560, option 5

Your Visit to the Fragile X Clinic