Tourette Syndrome Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

A child neurologist can diagnose and treat a child with Tourette syndrome (TS). But kids and teens with tic disorders, including TS, often need specialized care.

The doctors at the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh provide that expert care.

Our Tourette Syndrome Clinic is on the first Friday of each month. Your child's doctor can refer them to the clinic but we don't require it.

To plan a visit or learn more, call 412-692-5520.

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What to Expect When You Come to the Children's Tourette Syndrome Clinic

During visits, your child and their loved ones will meet with clinic director Robyn Filipink, MD. They may also meet other team members, including Robyn Neft, CRNP, who's worked in the TS clinic for many years.

We also have a staff member from PATSA (Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Alliance) present.

PATSA is a non-profit that helps teach kids and their loved ones about TS. It can also connect you with resources in your local area.

Our team will assess your child for a tic disorder, which may include TS, and discuss:

  • The natural history of tics.
  • Their prognosis.
  • Tic or TS symptoms and treatment options if needed.

Education about TS and other tic disorders is a large part of your visit.

During your clinic visit, you and your child can also ask questions and get referrals to other specialists. For instance, we may refer your child may to a therapist certified in comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT).

Tourette Syndrome Treatments We Offer

TS often occurs with other health issues, including:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Anxiety.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • Emotionality.

TS treatment can address:

  • Tics only.
  • Associated mental health issues.
  • Both tics and mental health issues.
  • School, family, and social issues.

Sometimes, mental health symptoms of TS will need the care of a psychiatrist. We can refer your child for this care.

Medicine to treat Tourette syndrome

While there's no cure for TS, there are medicines that can reduce tics.

We may suggest medicines if your child's tics are:

  • Causing discomfort in their body.
  • Getting in the way of their daily life.
  • Causing problems in their social life (such as bullying).
  • Bothering them to the point that they ask for help.

Medicines can also help kids with other health issues, such as ADHD and OCD.

Tic therapy

CBIT (tic therapy) helps kids learn how to manage their tics. For some, CBIT can greatly reduce their tics.

Behavioral (talk) therapy can also help kids manage anxiety and other actions related to TS.

Though it's rarer, we may refer some kids for occupational therapy. TS can affect handwriting and other fine motor skills.

Why Choose the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at UPMC Children's Hospital?

Our team can diagnose, treat, educate, and refer your child.

Here, kids with TS and their loved ones can access:

  • Expert providers. We've been running this clinic for 20 years. We are TS experts with a deep network of health care workers and therapists who can help your child.
  • Effective tic therapy. If this is a treatment option for your child, we have one of just a few CBIT-certified therapists in Pa.
  • The latest thinking on TS treatments. We base our treatment on the latest research and stay up-to-date on new TS medicines and therapies.

Contact the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at UPMC Children's

To plan a visit or make an appointment with a TS expert, call 412-692-5520.