Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

The Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic, part of the Brain Care Institute at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, meets monthly to care for children and adults with this tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). It is staffed by trained pediatric and adult neurologists with the support of nurse practitioners with prompt referrals to multiple subspecialists with expertise in this area. The clinic helps diagnose and manage patients with this disease and provide them with ongoing subspecialty care.

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Research and Clinical Studies

The Brain Care Institute’s neurologists are leaders in research. Faculty members of the Division of Child Neurology bring into the Pittsburgh biomedical community more than $1 million in federal corporate and foundation research funding each year.

Research on TSC focuses on early intervention and ways to lessen the impact of developmental delays on day-to-day functioning. Advances in research are resulting in new and improved therapies, with medications such as MTOR inhibitors to alter disease expression in organs. New surgical techniques are being developed to remove lesions and preserve organ function. Improved technology is helping pinpoint the regions of the brain responsible for seizures in certain patients, and is creating new therapies to help control or even stop these seizures.

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Referral Requirements

Referrals are required from primary care physicians or other UPMC Children's Hospital specialty services. To schedule an appointment or for provider numbers or more information, please call the office number listed.

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