College Scholarship Opportunities for Pediatric Cancer Survivors

Survivorship Clinic College Scholarship Opportunities mother daughterGetting a college degree can be a daunting prospect, and in many cases cancer can be the biggest risk to tackling an education. For this reason there are many organizations that make scholarships available solely to individuals with cancer or to cancer survivors.

Several scholarship opportunities are available to survivors of childhood cancer. Use this list to begin your search.


Program Link Description
American Cancer Society   
Beyond the Cure Scholarship Program awards college scholarships to childhood cancer survivors who have demonstrated the ability to overcome the difficult challenges of cancer with determination and motivation. 
Cancer Survivors' Fund  Provides scholarships for young cancer survivors, give them a new purpose and meaning in life and enable them to continue their college education.
Cancer for College The goal of this organization is to raise scholarship dollars to assist cancer survivors in reaching their goal of a college education.
Disability Scholarships College scholarships for students with disabilities.
Kyle Lee Foundation Scholarship  (diagnosis specific to Ewings) 
Legacy of Hope   
National Collegiate Cancer Foundation's  Foundation's mission is to provide services and support to young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer
 Nikki Leach Foundation  
Patient Advocate Foundation (must be treated within the last 5 years)
Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Fund  
Scholarships for cancer survivors and patients  
SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid  
Surviving and Moving Forward The SAM Fund for Young Adult Survivors of Cancer
The SuperSibs! Scholarship program is made possible by generous grants from many individual supporters, foundations and corporations. Applicants who are high school seniors articulate how being the sibling of a brother or sister with cancer has impacted their lives and how they will apply this learning to make a difference in the future. 
Ullman Cancer Fund for Young Adults