Microtia Reconstruction

Depending on the size and general medical condition of the child, microtia reconstruction may be started at 7 years of age. Microtia reconstruction is performed in four staged surgeries over a period of one and one-half years. The first stage involves harvesting of rib cartilage grafts. The rib cartilage is carefully sculpted into the shape of an auricle, or the outer ear. The reconstructed auricle is then implanted into a pocket under the scalp at the site of the outer ear.

About three months later, the natural, but misplaced, earlobe is moved into the proper position relative to the cartilage graft to give the ear the proper contour. Next, the auricle is partially separated from the side of the head, and a skin graft is placed behind it.

In the final stage, a partial opening is made in the auricle that looks like the opening of the ear canal. In this stage the bump in front of the ear (tragus) is also reconstructed.

 Child with grade 2 microtia (small folded ear)            Completed grade 2 microtia reconstruction
Child with grade 2 microtia 
(small folded ear)
Completed grade 2 
microtia reconstruction