Voice, Resonance, and Swallowing Center Providers and Staff

Children with voice and swallowing problems need a team of experts.

A team-based approach means your child gets the most precise diagnosis and ideal treatment.

Our team works with many other experts at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to care for your child.

Contact the Voice, Resonance, and Swallowing Center

Most kids visit our center after their doctors refer them to us.

Your doctor can refer your child to us for diagnosis, a second opinion, or treatment. Or you can call us to learn more about our services and book your child's appointment.

To refer a child or make your child's appointment, call 412-692-5460.

Your Child's Voice and Swallowing Care Team

Meet the key members of your child's care team.

About Joseph Dohar, MD

Dr. Dohar is the center's director and a children's ENT doctor. After his medical training, he finished two fellowships to further build his knowledge.

Dr. Dohar serves on the board of world-renowned journals and is a member of many leading medical societies. Through his research, he advances new repair and reconstruction techniques to further improve children's outcomes.

In his approach to care, Dr. Dohar looks at all factors to design a complete and successful treatment plan for your child.

About Katherine White, CCC-SL

Katherine White is a speech therapist who works with kids that have speaking, breathing, and swallowing problems.

She tailors her approach to each child's age and needs and builds strong bonds with those she cares for.

About Katherine Katko, CCC-SLP

Katherine Katko is a speech therapist who has a passion for supporting children at each stage of their journey.

She uses inventive methods to help kids control their muscles and breathing. And she caters to each child's health, lifestyle, and emotional needs.