Center for Complex Transposition

At the UPMC Children’s Heart Institute, we provide the most advanced treatment for complex congenital heart defects. New or expecting parents whose baby is diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries (TGA) have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts providing the full scope of care. From innovative treatments to ongoing support for patients and their families, our team cares for patients at every stage.

TGA is a group of congenital heart defects, meaning the condition is present at birth. These defects occur when the two main blood vessels leaving the heart are reversed. In typical TGA, the aorta is connected to the right ventricle, and the pulmonary artery is connected to the left ventricle. This reduces the amount of oxygen-rich blood sent to the body. Babies born with TGA can have additional differences in their hearts, such as:

  • Differences in the valves of their hearts.
  • Septal defects.
  • Holes in the walls separating the main chambers of the heart.

Babies with TGA can require different treatment plans depending on these additional differences.

There are two main types of TGA:

  • Dextro-transposition (D-TGA). This is the most common form of TGA. It’s diagnosed during pregnancy or soon after birth. D-TGA typically requires surgical repair within the first year.
  • Levo-transposition (L-TGA). L-TGA, also referred to as congenitally corrected TGA, is less common.This condition may be identified during pregnancy or infancy, although in some people, symptoms are not noticed until later in life.

Through advanced 3D cardiac imaging, our experts see detailed information about the structure and function of the heart. This enhances our team’s view of the condition and can improve our surgical approach. Our team can also use 3D imaging after surgery to assess the heart and the success of the surgery.

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Our team is available to discuss your child’s case or provide a second opinion.

  • For patients outside the United States, contact our International Services Department at +1-412-692-3000 or
  • For patients within the United States, contact the Heart Institute at 412-692-5218 or email us at

Why Choose the Heart Institute for Complex Transposition?

Our team of specialists has expertise in treating a range of complex conditions.

  • Outstanding surgical outcomes: Led by Victor Morell, MD, our team achieves excellent surgical outcomes that are among the best in the country. We receive top ratings and recognition from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).
  • Renowned expertise: We are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of complex congenital heart defects. Our advanced cardiac imaging program, led by Laura Olivieri, MD, FAHA, FSCMR, uses 3D modeling technology to enhance the diagnosis and evaluation process. Our imaging specialists work closely with the surgeons to determine the best treatment plan for your child. Our expertise in all aspects of complex congenital heart defects brings patients from around the world to our program.
  • Comprehensive care: Our teams across UPMC Children’s work together to provide your child with the best care. We are a destination for the comprehensive treatment of your child’s heart condition. Our multidisciplinary approach to treating TGA brings together experts from:

This integrated approach ensures a coordinated team approach in every stage of your child’s care.

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