Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly

Welcome to the Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, part of Children’s Hospital’s world-renowned Heart Institute.

The Da Silva Center is a team of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals dedicated to providing world-class care for children and adults who have congenital defects of the heart valves, or Ebstein's anomaly.

Our founding director, José Pedro da Silva, MD, is an internationally distinguished expert in heart valve surgery who developed the cone procedure, a technique to repair defective heart valves that is now the worldwide standard of care. He heads a team at the cutting edge of care for both children and adults with congenital heart valve defects. We are honored to have Dr. da Silva leading our surgical team.

Heart Valve Replacement Therapy

Heart valves are like one-way gates: They open and close, enabling blood to move within the heart as well as in and out of it. Healthy heart valves open to allow the right amount of blood to pass through and then close tightly so no blood can leak backward.

When a child has heart valve problems or needs heart valve replacement surgery, we are here to help. Our experienced physicians and surgeons — among the best in the world — are experts at repairing heart valve defects. We offer the most advanced care that can be found anywhere.

Contact the Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly

To make an appointment or consult on a patient, call the Heart Institute at 412-692-5540.



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