Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly

Welcome to the Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. We're a part of UPMC Children's world-renowned Heart Institute.

Ebstein's anomaly is a congenital heart condition affecting the heart's right side. It can be mild or severe, but it is treatable. UPMC Children's leads the way in treating children with Ebstein's anomaly.

José Pedro da Silva, MD, our founding director, invented a surgery to treat Ebstein's anomaly called the cone procedure. This is now the worldwide standard of care.

Dr. da Silva and Luciana da Fonseca da Silva, MD, lead our surgical team and perform more cone procedures than any other surgery team in the world.

Their expertise is one of the reasons that families from all over the globe seek care here.

Contact the Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly

Our expert team members can always offer you or your child a consultation or second opinion. Our team will provide you and your child with a customized consultation and detailed care plan.

You can contact the Da Silva Center by email at dasilvacenter@chp.edu, by phone at 412-692-5218, or through our online form.

People outside the U.S. can contact our International Services Department. Reach them by phone at +1-412-692-3000 or by email at international@chp.edu.

Procedures and Treatments

Learning your child has a rare heart condition can feel distressing and challenging. From diagnosis to treatment, we'll guide you through each step.

Here at the Da Silva Center, we work as a team to diagnose and treat children and adults with Ebstein's anomaly. We tailor the tests and treatments for each family. These may include:

  • Imaging tests. We use several imaging tests to diagnose Ebstein's anomaly. These tests help us see the parts of the heart and how they work. Imaging can include an echocardiogram, EKG, and MRI. Some families bring imaging done at other places.
  • Non-surgical procedures. People with Ebstein's anomaly may also have problems with their heart's electrical system. Our electrophysiology team can often treat these irregular heartbeats without surgery.
  • Surgery. The cone procedure uses the broken valve's tissue to create a new valve. This is the standard surgery for Ebstein's anomaly. Depending on their condition's severity, some children may need more than one surgery.

Why Choose the Da Silva Center for Ebstein's Anomaly?

The Da Silva Center's doctors, nurses, and other health care workers provide world-class care. People with Ebstein's anomaly seek care from all over the world because of our:

  • World-renowned expertise. Doctors around the world know Dr. da Silva as an expert in heart valve surgery. His cone surgery is now the standard of care, helping more children grow up and live long and healthy lives.
  • High rate of valve repair. Fixing a valve is nearly always better than replacing it. Drs. Jose and Luciana da Silva have the expertise to repair valves in even the most complex cases. They give second opinions to many families every year.
  • Excellent success rate. The da Silvas have performed more than 360 cone procedures in their career. In many instances, the cone procedure surgery is a cure for Ebstein's anomaly.Our outstanding outcomes are due to focusing our efforts on one approach.
  • Prominent place among children's hospitals. UPMC Children's Hospital often ranks as one of the top children's hospitals U.S. News & World Report. This means families get world-class care, from diagnosis through recovery and beyond.