Adventure Rooms

The Department of Pediatric Radiology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has collaborated with General Electric and the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee to create an unparalleled experience for each patient and family in need of imaging services. Our goal is to decrease a child’s anxiety during an imaging study and to address fears that occur before, during, and after the hospital experience. 

'Cozy Camp' PET scans in the Radiology Adventure Rooms.Assisting patients throughout this adventure are four distinctive characters: Haley the Hippo, Tillie the Tiger, Marcellus the Monkey, and Tara the Toucan.  Patients and families embark on a safari adventure for Nuclear Medicine, relax at “Cozy Camp” for PET scans, take a trip to outer space for MRI scans, explore the ocean for CT scans, and discover the beach for Radiation Oncology. 

Distraction Therapy

'Pirate Ship' scans in the Radiology Adventure Rooms.The focus of the Adventure Series is to provide successful distraction therapy that will appeal to all five senses. Three-dimensional decorative elements were created for an enhanced viewing effect, and lights, sounds, and aromatherapy were added to create a one-of-a kind experience for each and every patient. 
Themed educational coloring books for each modality are under way to better prepare children for their procedure in an entertaining way.  A relaxation CD for “Cozy Camp” is in the beginning stages of production from Children’s own Music Therapy Department.  “Cozy Camp” postcards, signed by the radiology staff, are given to patients after their PET scans to tie in their themed adventure.

'Outer Space' MRI scans in the Radiology Adventure Rooms.The Department of Pediatric Radiology at Children’s Hospital is a leader in transforming the pediatric imaging experience by engaging children and their families in this interactive, unique adventure.