Distraction Techniques

Comfort Measures:

Creating a positive experience for patients and their families

MRI uses a high-tech goggle system enabling a child to watch a movie with headphones during his or her scan as a type of distraction technique.

A few simple techniques can make a difference in a child’s hospital experience.  Considering areas such as distraction, environment, positioning, and language may help a child have a positive hospital experience. 

Giving patients something else to focus on is especially effective.  Age-appropriate distraction facilitates coping, helps manage pain, decreases the use of pharmacological methods, and builds trust between the staff and patient. Our staff offers a treasure chest filled with light-up toys, games, books, stress balls, and many other interactive toys as well as pinwheels, party blowers and bubbles to encourage deep breathing. 

MRI uses a high-tech goggle system that enables a child to watch a movie with headphones during his or her scan.  The movie goggles assist in reducing anxiety while decreasing sedation rates.

Diagnostic Radiology features a selection of sensory equipment that includes an interactive bubble machine as well as a projector that displays images on the ceiling. 

The goal of implementing comfort measures is to help patients cope with the anxiety and fear associated with radiologic procedures.  Our staff is dedicated to providing a positive experience for pediatric patients and their families during medical experiences.