Diversity and Inclusion

Pediatric Residency Program Diversity Committee

Our CHP Family At UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh we are committed to recruiting, supporting and fostering the career growth of outstanding residents, fellows and faculty from diverse backgrounds. We partner with institutional leadership for the continued enrichment of our welcoming community. The goals of our committee include mentorship, education, professional support and networking opportunities that will enhance diversity and strengthen the medical community in Pittsburgh.

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Committee Members

Residents and Fellows

Sarah Arshad, MD
Triple Board Resident PL-5
Interests/Fun facts: I love playing badminton, reading young adult fiction, watching British period piece dramas/movies, writing (about healthcare, reflections, poetry, anything really) and cooking. I would love to pursue writing further, and I am excited to see what else Pittsburgh has in store!

Amy Collins, MD
Adolescent Medicine Fellow
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy yoga, cooking, and hanging out with my 9 year old puppy Naomi. I enjoying traveling and have been to Peru, Chile, Russia, Belize and Thailand with so many more places to visit.

Gina Sequeira, MD
Adolescent Medicine Fellow
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy playing with my dog as well as participating in sports; such as flag football, basketball, cycling, and scuba diving. I love traveling and honeymooned in Thailand!

Heather Bernard, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-3
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy cooking, painting, poetry, playing the violin, running, Netflix, music, traveling, driving

Jeffrey Eugene, MD
PALS (Pediatric Resident)PL-3
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy running, writing, live concert, cooking and traveling.

Dailia Francis, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-3

Daniel Guillen Mendoza, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-3
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy playing the guitar and drums. I also like to run and swim.

Joseph Langham, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-3
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy music as well as singing and dancing. I also enjoy cooking and traveling.

Onome Oghifobibi, MD
NICU Fellow
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy playing soccer. I also enjoy cooking, traveling and graphic design.

Kristen Ehrenberger, MD
Med-Peds PL-2
Interests/Fun Facts: I enjoy reading and blogging. My interests include disabilities, pride, and the history of medicine.

Alisa Brennan, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-1
Interests/Fun facts: I enjoy yoga, running, and playing with my Goldendoodle pup. I also like to explore new cities and try new food.

Chinwe Madubata, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-1
Interests/Fun facts: I enjoy drawing, reading, and playing guitar. I spent a summer in Japan doing immunology research.

Yodit Tsegaye, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-1
Interests/Fun facts: I enjoy hiking, traveling, and anything related to dessert. I like to spend time with my family, drink tea, and read.

Jesus Villamizar, MD
Pediatric Resident PL-1
Interests/Fun facts: I like soccer and basketball. I enjoy running, podcasts, and watching netflix.

Lilinete Polsunas, MD
Peds-Anes Resident PL-1
Interests/Fun facts: I enjoy running, mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking. I like to cook, hangout with my husband, and I love Pittsburgh sports (Go Pens!).

Among the outstanding graduates of our program:

J. Nadine Gracia, MD, MSCE
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health

Chisara N. Asomugha, MD, MSPH, FAAP is an experienced physician and Vice President of the Asomugha Foundation, Inc. She has worked globally with faith-based, community and medical organizations to develop strategic programs and policies targeting vulnerable populations. She has lectured on and is a recognized thought leader on community health, stakeholder engagement, advocacy and gender equity. She has written for the Washington Post online and other online magazines and is driven by her passion to improve the lives of women and girls and the communities in which they live. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Duke University School of Medicine. She is also an alum of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at Yale University and a Commissioner on the US Commission to UNESCO.

Marilyn Griffin, MD
Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford
New Pittsburgh Courier’s Fab 40 Honoree, Dr. Assir Daniel DaSilva Award, American Academy of Pediatrics, Friends of Children Scholarship, AACAP 2009 Special Program Scholarship Recipient, Emancipation Scholarship, Illinois National Baptist State Convention, Inc., AACAP Education Opportunity Program Award Recipient