Pediatric Pseudotumor Treatment

If your child gets treatment for pseudotumor cerebri syndrome (PTC), a full recovery is possible.

Vision loss is a serious risk. The goal of PTC treatment is to make sure damage to the eyes isn't permanent.

Medicine to Treat Pseudotumor

Pediatric pseudotumor treatment depends on the cause. In most cases, doctors prescribe Acetazolamide.

At UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, we follow our patients closely to detect changes in eye exams even before symptoms appear.

We'll also treat any related conditions or risk factors, such as:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Endocrine issues
  • Obesity

Any treatment may also include follow-up exams to monitor the eyes. PTC can sometimes return, even if treatment worked the first time.

Experts in Treating PTC

When vision loss is a concern, our neurosurgeons are ready to help.

Our board-certified pediatric physicians specialize in treating pediatric pseudotumor, and our staff has many years of experience.

Our services include all areas of children's neurology.

We also conduct clinical trials and research studies to find new and better PTC treatments for children.

To learn more about PTC treatment or make an appointment for your child, contact the Brain Care Institute at 412-692-5520.