Novel Roles for ACAD9 and VLCAD 3

Identification of Novel Roles for ACAD9 and VLCAD Variant 3

Mitochondrial β-oxidation spiral starts with the enzymes ACAD9 and VLCAD Variant 3 for some specific substrates. Whereas the former seems to be specific to unsaturated fatty acids and has been implicated to have a role as an assembly factor interacting with ECSIT, the latter has never been studied for function and role in physiology; only its isoenzyme VLCAD short has been studied. The latter is more specific to very long (greater than 16 carbons chain length) saturated acyl-CoAs. A potential physiological role for the latter is it being organ specific. Deciphering the role of these proteins in physiology is part of our lab’s research focus.

Principal Investigator

Al-Walid A. Mohsen, PhD