Melissa Kane, PhD

Melissa Kane, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Scholar, Richard King Mellon Institute for Pediatric Research, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh


Graduate School:
PhD, Microbiology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Post-Graduate School:
Laboratory of Retrovirology, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center/Rockefeller University, New York, NY

Research Interests

The central focus of the Kane Lab is understanding the genetic and immunological basis for protective antiviral immune responses, as well as the molecular details underlying the direct inhibition of retroviral replication by restriction factors. We utilize both in vitro and in vivo tools to investigate intrinsic, innate, and adaptive immune responses to retroviral infection. Our research is centered around three questions:

  • What allows some individuals to restrict or control retroviral replication?
  • How do retroviruses counteract host defenses?
  • What are the features of successful anti-retroviral immune responses? 

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