Fragile X Treatment and Services

Staffed by a multidisciplinary team, the Fragile X Center strives to improve functional outcomes and quality of life for children with Fragile X syndrome and their families through service and research. Patients can be followed lifelong as the clinic serves as a medical home for affected children and adults. Together with help from hospital and community specialists, we provide resources for families of children with Fragile X, while providing outreach to raise awareness of this disorder in the community.

Specialists from the Fragile X Center provide:

  • Appropriate referrals
  • Comprehensive developmental and behavioral assessment and management
  • Comprehensive neurological evaluations
  • Consultative services for all age groups
  • Continuity of care
  • Medication management of behavior
  • Research information
  • Resource information
  • School Intervention Program
  • Training, education, and support