Information for Researchers

Information for ResearchersIt is particularly difficult today, even for very talented junior investigators, to obtain funding to enable the generation of preliminary studies required to obtain more substantial financial support, and with that support, to become independent investigators. Sometimes a minimal amount of financial support can provide the psychological incentive and the practical means to obtain scientifically sound, promising results that eventually can be expanded into R01 proposals. This is especially true within a scientifically challenging atmosphere of collegiality and intellectual discourse, in which more experienced scientists are available to interact freely and frequently with their junior colleagues.

The present research climate demands that we synchronize both the expertise and the technology available among the investigators within our university that are interested in the same scientific area, in order to maximize the use of all of our resources in the most cost-effective manner. University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute consists of a diverse team of colleagues and collaborators who contribute the scientific components that provide a strong foundation for the institute’s research activities. Areas of expertise fall under four categories: