Adolescent Biology of Stress Study

Protocol Description

This research study will help us to understand how social, biological, and cognitive factors are related to thoughts about suicide among adolescents. We will ask about 150 teenagers ages 14-18 to tell us about their emotional health, things that cause them stress, childhood experiences, and their relationships with family and friends.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ages 14 - 18 who are engaging in their social gender transition but have not yet begun medical transition steps (including hormone replacement therapy)


Participants will complete three lab visits during the study period, including one at baseline and two follow-up visits (at 6 and 12 months after baseline). At each lab visit, participants will complete a self-report assessment battery, an interview protocol assessing suicidality and psychopathology, a blood draw, a hair sampling procedure, and computer-based neurocognitive assessments.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information

Adolescent Biology of Stress Study Website
Adolescent Medicine Research


Yes, participants are eligible to receive up to $250 for completion of all study procedures.

Primary Investigator

Brian Thoma