Anhedonia Development in LGB Youth

Protocol Description

This study is investigating how anhedonia (a loss of interest or pleasure in daily life and activities) develops over time in LGB (lesbian, gay, or bisexual) youth in order to understand how health issues may develop.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Adolescents and young adults ages 16-20 who identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, or bisexual), or who experience same-sex attraction.
  • Parents of such adolescents.


  • Adolescents will complete interviews, questionnaires, computer tasks, and a brain imaging scan.
  • Parents will complete questionnaires.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information

Adolescent Medicine Research


Yes – contact the study coordinator for details.

Primary Investigator

Erika Forbes, PhD

Contact Information

Reach research staff Morgan or Melissa by text message or phone call at 412-354-9297; or by email at