Early Intervention of Youth At-Risk for Bipolar Disorder (MH 125971)

Protocol Description

Do you have bipolar disorder and have children? A family history of bipolar disorder is one of the strongest risk factors for developing the illness. Identifying and treating the children of parents with bipolar disorder may help prevent or slow the progression of bipolar disorder.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age 12-18 years
  • A biological/birth parent with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder
  • Does NOT have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder
  • Does have other indices of risk (e.g., symptoms of, and/or diagnoses of other common childhood psychiatric disorders like ADHD, anxiety, depression; mild to moderate nonspecific difficulties like moodiness, anxiety, attentional problems, school problems, interpersonal problems)


Individual participation includes intake assessment, a feedback session, 8 psychotherapy sessions and 4 follow-up interviews over an 18-month period of time.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information

The Key Study: Early Intervention for Youth At-Risk for Bipolar Disorder
Adolescent Medicine Research


Yes, participants are eligible to receive up to $600 for completion of all study procedures.

Primary Investigator

Tina Goldstein, PhD

Contact Information

Tina Goldstein, PhD, Primary Investigator
key2study@pittedu or 412-246-5796